Community Support

There's nothing more important than living a great life, filled with opportunity, fun, with the bonus of employment and business opportunities.  Everyone should be so lucky but unfortunately, that's not the case for all - even here in beautiful Australia.  You don't have to go too far before you find Aussies who live day to day worrying about keeping a roof over their heads, or needing a place of safety.

There are people doing it tough throughout this wonderful country. Not good enough, we think!

And what about the awesome community support volunteers keeping us safe in the ocean and safe from disaster (often of our own making!).

Thinkright Achieve More and its members have the opportunity to give back (all whilst having a great time)!

We are proud to support our community through fundraising events throughout the year, whether it's selling raffle tickets at our parties or raising funds through sponsored adventures - we want to do all we can to raise massive amounts of money to do our bit. And we can't do it without you!

Our favourite 3 community fundraising organisations for this, our inaugural year, are:

ACT for Kids

Last year more than 31,500 children suffered from child abuse in Australia.  That's one child every 17 minutes suffering from neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse, often by people they know and should be able to trust.

Many of these kids get no professional help whatsoever, and end up with lifelong problems, but a small few find themselves at an ACT for Kids centre.

ACT for Kids gives children the skills, care and confidence they need to heal and lead a normal life.  They're also there for mums and dads to help them build stronger families.

Originally known as the Abused Child Trust, ACT for Kids has been helping Australian families keep their children safe for more than 20 years.

Brisbane Homeless Service Centre (BHCS)

Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre (BHSC) works to find sustainable solutions for people who are homeless or for individuals and families who might become homeless without support.

Located in inner-city Brisbane, a range of services are available for individuals and families including information, support, advocacy, health, recreational, and employment services.

Raby Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue

Queensland Volunteer Marine Rescue provides maritime rescue and support services to communities through Queensland.

Raby Bay VMR operates with a high level of men and women volunteers from the local community both on land and sea to provide this essential service. 

Volunteers undergo intensive training in all aspects of rescue and maritime safety, which also includes Medevac support and assistance for our island communities.  The costs associated with volunteer training, vessel maintenance and fuel costs depend heavily on corporate sponsorship and community donations.

Thinkright's John Ewing-Bowman is a volunteer crew member with Raby Bay VMR and it's very close to his heart to support this worthy organisation.  We sincerely hope we don't need them on our ocean Adventures!

But just in case...

We sincerely want to thank you for your valued support to these 3 very worthy organisations - let's kick some butt and make a difference!

We'll be acknowledging (in a BIG way) individual members and our corporate sponsors and partners who really rise up (in all their awesomeness!) at our New Year's Eve Ball for their amazing contribution and support.

Game on!!!!